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"Hi Everyone!"


"I'm Gloria, Owner of YourWay SpiritWear, serving Canada, providing  SpiritWear and Athletic wear for organizations, schools and community events.


Let me create a Collection for your group.  Each person can purchase individually in a chosen Collection and I will do the work for them and you privately!  


I will provide ideas!   Your Freedom of Choice!   You choose the style and color combinations for Jackets, Sweats, T's and Headwear.


Also, I am inviting you to warm up to my darlin' NEW little HUGSY Plush Polar Bear proudly wearing a Canada Flag T-Shirt!


I am happy to say little LIBERTY has found a wonderful loving home.


"I am very pleased to meet you"


Contact me through my email below and let me do the work for you!


Email: yourwayspiritwear31@gmail.com